ROMSAT на Безпека 2018

october 2018
On October 23, BEZPEKA 2018 trade show was officially opened!

Стенд РОМСАТ на выставке Безпека-2018

BEZPEKA is a leading and largest Ukrainian trade show of technical facilities and equipment for life safety. This event focuses on the technical security systems, CCTV systems and hardware, systems and means of access control, systems and means for perimeter security, IT technology.

Hanwha Techwin (Samsung) Video Surveillance

Hanwha Techwin (Samsung) на стенде РОМСАТ на выставке Безпека-2018

Hanwha Techwin equipment occupies two demonstration areas at our stand. It is tested by the time and tens of successful cases in our country. You will be able to test with us the standard line equipment as well as Х series professional equipment. RОМSАТ is an official Hanwha distributor in Ukraine.

UNV Video Surveillance

Видеонаблюдение UNV на стенде РОМСАТ на Безпека-2018

UNV is one of the world top video surveillance manufacturers. We tried to show the equipment line to the fullest extent possible in the demo zone: from simple solutions to cameras with analytic geometry onboard. RОМSАТ is an UNV official distributor in Ukraine.

RCI Video Surveillance

Видеонаблюдение RCI на стенде РОМСАТ на выставке Безпека-2018

We have been developing the RCI brand for over 10 years. Within this time the integrators have managed to like our cameras. The latest RCI novelties are exhibited in our demo zone. RОМSАТ is an exclusive RCI distributor in Ukraine.

ITC, BOSCH and ТОА Sound Systems

Системы звука ITC, BOSCH и ТОА на стенде РОМСАТ на выставке Безпека-2018

We show traditionally not only video surveillance, but also sound systems at Security exhibition. This year we announce a new brand - ITC, as well as show proven solutions from BOSCH and TOA. Many new products are exhibited in the demo area. ROMSAT is an ITC, BOSCH and TOA official distributor in Ukraine.

Edge-Core Switches, AJAX and ACS Security Alarms by Geo Vision

 Коммутаторы Edge-Core, охранная сигнализация AJAX и СКУД от GeoVision на стенде РОМСАТ на выставке Безпека 2018

Edge-Core switches fit perfectly the projects of any complexity for both ISPs and for building video surveillance systems. We are for advanced technologies, so we show AJAX security alarm system at our stand. We will guide you on prices and help you select the equipment for the project. New Geo Vision access control systems are also available at our booth.

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