РОМСАТ эксклюзивный дистрибьютор Edge-Core

january 2018

ROMSAT has continued to exclusive distribution contract in Ukraine

Сертификат Romsat - эксклюзивный дистрибьютор Edge-Core 2018

TOP 10 ISP in Ukraine are using Edge-Core

ROMSAT is promoting the brand Edge-Core in Ukraine more than 9 years. We were able to make some significant progress. Edge-Core has grown up to a leader of switch segment for ISP. We We are currently engaged in cooperation with TOP ISP, like Ukrtelecom, Volia, DATA Group, Vega Telecom, Triolan, Fregat, Lanet etc.

 Andrii Dudko, CMO Romsat

We have a deep dialog with a lot ISP in Ukraine. Our knowledges about their business are very strongly. CAPEX is bigger than 5 years ago, ARPU is falling, ISPs are looking for an optimal equipment for their networks. The Edge-Core switches were has become a good choice. That's a good quality and support, official guarantee and competitive price for ukrainian internet service providers.

Andrii Dudko, CMO ROMSAT 

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