Romsat is on Telecom Ukraine 2015 Conference

september 2015
Every year at the end of summer all the Ukrainian telecommunication world enjoys the last warm days, sea breeze and, of course, Telecom Ukraine 2015 Conference in Odesa. Romsat sponsored this event to continue the annual tradition for all interested in development of telecommunication sphere.

In spite of the speсialization of Telecom Ukraine, such as internet, satellite and cable TV, our team raised the question about "Smart city". Maxym Litschuk, an expert of IP CCTV sphere, Romsat company, highlighted his view on similar project to improve our life.

Telecom Ukraine 2015 Conference – Maxym Litschuk, Romsat.uа

While holding a report we took up the aspects of using CCTV analitics in Smart City project. Maxym told about new solutions for distribution network monitoring of environment by means of on-line sensors and constructions of smart accounting system for different municipal and commercial services.

Telecom Ukraine 2015 | Romsat.uа

Photos © Internet Assosiation of Ukraine

There were more than 300 participants, speakers and representatives of business and government at Telecom Ukraine this year. To extend the audience company Tenet organized an online broadcasting. It enables many professionals in spite of being absent nevertheless to take part in the conference.

We were glad you visited this great meeting and see you at Telecom Ukraine 2016!

Yours Romsat

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