РОМСАТ на конференции #TIM_TU_2019

march 2019

ROMSAT team took part in # TIM-TU Convergence 2019: Internet&Media&IT

ROMSAT at the conference # TIM_TU_2019 | romsat.ua
Photo: ROMSAT solutions for the telecom industry: from FOCS to CCTV; from set-top-boxes to OTT-services

#TIM-TU 2019

# TIM-TU consolidates representatives of profile associations, national regulators, operators and Internet providers, producers and distributors of content, suppliers of modern telecommunications equipment and solutions.

#TIM-TU is:
  • Practical information about trending solutions and technology first-hand
  • A platform for professionals meeting in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Professional atmosphere for productive networking
ROMSAT at the conference # TIM_TU_2019 | romsat.ua

This year the event gathered 250 industry experts from 4 countries of the world (Belarus, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine). For the first time, 27 companies participated, among them were local operators of the Western Ukraine region.

More information about how the event took place can be viewed in our gallery

Demo zone ROMSAT: from telecom to CCTV

ROMSAT at the conference # TIM_TU_2019 | romsat.ua

At the ROMSAT demo zone there were a lot of equipment for providers and cable operators, OTT-services and TV channels, integrators and retailers:

WISI - to build a TV
Edge-Core - network and WiFi
Inca - to build TV
Ubiquiti - WiFi
MikroTik - WiFi
Fitel - FOCS 
RCI - transceivers, media converters
Picotel - ONU
inext - OTT-media players
Romsat - TVs

Thanks to the organizers for an interesting and informative event, as well as a great atmosphere!

Were glad to see everyone in Lviv! ♥


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