ROMSAT is an exclusive distributor of Totolink

april 2015
On the 3rd of April our company became an exlusive distributor of Totolink network equipment.

ROMSAT presented some promising innovations of Totolink company, such as N150RT and N300RT routers last year. Thanks to the good quality of equipment and stable operation we started saling in retail chain and on internet. Quality-to-price ration of devices as well as trendy design helped Totolink equipment to find its own place in the Ukrainian market of network equipment for houses and offices. | An exclusive distributor of Totolink Ukraine

Sergii Tkachenko, a head of direction of active network equipment, says that maybe even year ago nobody knew about Totolink in spite of its popularity in the South Korea and China. Nowadays, the Totolink equipment is presented in retail as well as online in Ukraine. Summing up the result of this year we decided to expand the co-operation with Totolink signing an exclusive contract.

Best price and conditions, accredited equipment, technical support and after-sales service - these are the benefits you may take, if you are our partner.

We are always glad to have new partners!
not available
Маршрутизатор TOTOLINK F1

Оптичний, 150 Мбіт/с


Маршрутизатор TOTOLINK N150RT

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Одна антена 5дБ


not available
Маршрутизатор TOTOLINK N300RT

Швидкість 300Мбіт/с
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Дві антени по 5дБ
Увага! Доступна оновлена модель TOTOLINK N300RT


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