TIM-TU 2018: ROMSAT sees future in Telecom business

february 2018

Команда РОМСАТ на конференции TIM-TU 2018 во Львове

Telecom & Conference TIM-TU 2018

ROMSAT – one of TOP-players in ukrainian telecom market. Events are useful marketing tools for generate new opportunities. Conference TIM-TU 2018 is combined event from TIM:Telecom, media, IT & Telecom Ukraine. our team have shown a lot of telecom-equipment.

Демо-зона Edge-Core на конференции TIM-TU 2018 - Romsat.ua

Edge-Core Showroom

Edgecore Networks develops and delivers industry-leading open networking hardware and software products for data centers, telecommunications service providers, managed service providers, and enterprises. ROMSAT has got exclusive distribution contract in Ukraine on FY18. We are currently engaged in cooperation with TOP ISP, like Ukrtelecom, Volia, DATA Group, Vega Telecom, Triolan, Fregat, Lanet etc.

Демо-зона Fitel на конференции TIM-TU 2018 - Romsat.ua

Fitel Showroom

PON-networks are developing rapidly. Fiber Optic Cable (FOC) plays main role. We have good solution for welding FOC – Fitel. Born from "Furukawa Information Technologies and Telecommunications," the Fitel brand has expanded to include not only optical components, but also, fusion splicers, connectors and various optical-related products. With years of experience and a deep understanding for customer needs, the name has become synonymous with advanced technologies and unbeatable quality. 

Демо-зона WISI на конференции TIM-TU 2018 - Romsat.ua

WISI Showroom

For over nine decades WISI has been among the worldwide pioneers of receiving and distributing technology. CTV-operators in Ukraine know who is WISI. Lot of them using headend, optical spliters and broadband solutions by WISI. ROMSAT is exclusive distributor in Ukraine. We  showed equipment for OTT-providers.

Демо-зона iNeXT на конференции TIM-TU 2018 - Romsat.ua

iNeXT Showroom

Ukrainian iNeXT has presented its new models of set top box – iNeXT TV3 и iNeXT 4K2. Denis Oleynik, CTO iNeXT told visitors about opportunities Android TV. In the showroom we demonstrated solutions for householders – TV ROMSAT 55'' and iNeXT 4K2.

Future of Telecom market in Ukraine

A huge thank you to all our visitors at this years TIM-TU 2018.

Your ROMSAT Team

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