РОМСАТ принял участие в УКОС 2019

september 2019

Команда РОМСАТ на УКОС 2019

UKOS - 10 years

Ukrainian Conference of Telecom Operators is a unique platform for industry communication. For ten years in a row, the telecom community has come together to discuss important market issues. All this time, the ROMSAT team is participating in the conference as experts in telecom equipment.

From Cable to TV - 100% Telecom

This year, we introduced a comprehensive solution for ISPs - "PON in high-rises". In the ROMSAT zone the equipment used by the operator in the basements of houses, entrances and subscribers' apartments is demonstrated. The uniqueness of the offer is that hundreds of different components of the solution can be purchased in one place - ROMSAT.

Демозона РОМСАТ - PON в багатоповерхових будинках

Next to the PON solution, a large assortment of telecom equipment was presented in multi-storey buildings: C-Data, Edgecore, MikroTik. 

Телеком-обладнання на УКОС 2019 - демозона РОМСАТ

A representative of C-DATA, Mr. Pan, spoke about the global trends in telecom equipment manufacturers. 

Представник C-DATA, містер Пань розказав про світові тенденції виробників телеком-обладнання - Romsat.ua

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september 2019

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