From the satellite to the success: Celebration of the 20th anniversary

june 2014
From the satellite to the success: Celebration of the 20th anniversary

Today is June, the 17th and the company „Romsat“ is celebrating its anniversary. We are 20 years in the market of Ukraine.

The company „Romsat“ was founded 20 years ago. 
Young graduates from the Kyiv technical universities turned up their sleeves and started introducing a new segment – satellite television. 
First of all they developed this project and then adjusted the production of satellite tuners for the fast-growing Ukrainian market. Here stars the history of Romsat.

In 1994 „Satellite“ considered to be a new promising direction changed the whole TV industry cardinally.
During these years we succeeded in treading a thorny path from the small collective to the strong team including more than 150 professionals. Romsat owes its growth to the successful strategy of development that depends on for the new directions.

Since our lifetime we have managed to change the activity vector from the satellite equipment supply to the design distribution.
We were witnesses of emergence of the new technologies changed our world and country completely. 
At the beginning the satellite television seemed to be the highest point of progress and we supported this idea. Later we expanded the sphere of our activity by building television and telecommunication nets and extending the range of services on operator’s nets. 
On the base of some technologies allied one appeared. Users crossed the border of subspecialty and got into the customer flow.

To its anniversary Romsat gathered a good deal of competences. 
We enjoy working with more than 100 international producers of all kind of equipment for television, telecommunication, security system and insonation, cables and measurement technology supply, delivery of customer electronics and infrastructure solutions. We always look for new ideas and latent possibilities. It makes possible to give modern business tools to our customers.

Romsat combines professionalism and great quality.
A lot of experts started their career here, others took part in many our projects. Even those who haven’t worked with us yet know about Romsat. We have already worked with other countries for three years. Romsat trades with Azerbaijan and entered the Georgian, Bolgarian markets.

Romsat has a good technological background and took a proper place in the national market.
Brand „Romsat“ is well known on the whole territory of Ukraine and in many nets of customer electronics stores and appliance shops. 
Our main task is to give to the average Ukrainian the product value for money. In other words, we develop popular technologies in cities, towns and villages.

Company with a human face.
These 20 years we experienced a lot of ups and downs, political and economic crises. 
All the while our company encourages all kinds of social program, such as work places, charity, children’s homes and medical establishments, environment and healthy way of life. It is all about us. 

So 20 years are only the beginning!

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