DASAN Networks


DASAN Networks is a publicly trading manufacturing company in Korea(KOSDAQ: 039560). The company was founded in 1993 under the leadership of CEO, Min Woo Nam. Since then, DASAN Networks has established the reputation as the world leader in the access equipment technology in global market. 
The headquarters is located in Seoul, Korea, and many R&D, manufacturing facilities are strategically located globally.
From the inception, DASAN Networks has maintained its focus on the development and manufacturing of IP/Ethernet technologies for the carrier and enterprise markets. With over 200 experienced R&D engineers out of 400 total number of employees today, DASAN has strived for delivering feature-rich networking solutions at affordable pricing while adhering to the industry-leading quality and reliability. With the world-class product, remarkable pricing, and excellent support, DASAN Networks has become the solutions provider to major service providers such as Korea Telecom, SK Telecom, SoftBank Broadband, and BSNL.

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