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Since 1972, Pasternack has steadily grown by aligning its offerings to match the needs of our Customers. We maintain an inventory of more than 40,000 products that are always available which gives you access to products ranging from the rare, hard-to-find specials to the broadest array of industry standards.

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Продукция Pasternack

Адаптер радіочастотний Pasternack PE7071 (Nm 50Ohm / Ff 75Ohm)


Атенюатор радіочастотний Pasternack PE7004-10 (10dB, Nm/Nf, 18GHz,50 Ом, 2W)


Атенюатор радіочастотний Pasternack PE7000-6 (6dB, BNCm/BNCf, 2GHz,50 Ом, 1W)


Атенюатор радіочастотний Pasternack PE7000-3 (3dB, BNCm/BNCf, 2GHz,50 Ом, 1W)


Кабель радіочастотний Pasternack PE3062-72 (RG214U, 72'', Nm/Nm)


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